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Non-surgical rejuvenation

The Vagilangelo is an innovative treatment that was created as a non-surgical alternative to vaginoplasty surgery by Dr. Amir Marashi (NYCGYNCO).  The Vagilangelo is aimed at enhancing the "angle of pleasure" for patients to enhance sexual sensation, function and improve the overall intimate experience.  Beyond the functional benefits, the procedure offers an aesthetic enhancement, providing the perineum with a more youthful appearance.

Current treatments to address the loss of sensation and vaginal changes women experience consist of of surgical interventions which are associated with prolonged healing time (6-8 weeks).  This procedure, while not replacing surgery can offer women an alternative with enhanced sexual gratification.  The Vagilangelo offers substantial improvement for patients with a minimally invasive in-office procedure with local anesthesia.  

Sin Worthy is proud to be the only accredited provider of the Vagilangelo in Ontario, Canada.

Why does the angle matter?

The vagina is normally positioned downward on an angle which allows for stimulation of the upper portion of the vagina, known as the G-zone. This angle is considered the " angle of pleasure" when insertion allows for contact with the sensitive G Zone it can be associated with heightened sexual sensation and vaginally activated orgasms. 


For some women, due to processes of aging and childbirth this natural angle can be lost due to shortening and flattering of the perineum (the areas between the vagina and the anus).  Additionally, the vaginal changes can create a widening and the angle tends to flatten and become more horizontal. There can also be some pelvic muscle relaxation or loss of ton in the area and shortening of the vagina all together, these changes can cause a loss of stimulation in the G Zone. 


The procedure aims to stimulate regeneration of tissue with a biomechanical adjustment to aid in restoring natural angulation of the vagina and  enhance a female's sexual sensation and orgasms and the overall intimate experience. 

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure initially involves Platelet Rich Plasma Injections to the sexual organs to aid in increasing arousal and sexual health followed by a procedure to rebuild the angle of pleasure at the level of the hymen using a local anesthesia.  Local lidocaine is used for pain management during the procedure that is completed in clinic in approximately 20 minutes.

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What is the recovery?

The Vagilangelo involves little recovery time and virtually no pain.

We ask patients to avoid exercise and lifting x 48hrs and to abstain from any penetrative intercouse/tampons or anything in the vagina x 2 weeks.

Patients may resume intercourse after two weeks provided they are healing well and the procedure does not impact potential for vaginal deliveries in subsequent pregnancies.

The Vagilangelo procedure is intended to have long lasting results-often 2-5 years.

What are the risks?

While minimal-some potential risks include infection, bruising, discomfort or prolonged healing times. Your initial consultation will review all pre and post care instructions to help ensure the most optimal results.

Benefits of Vagilangelo

  • Stimulating tissue regeneration

  • Restoring the ideal vaginal angle

  • Boosting confidence and sexual intimacy

  • Bringing stronger, more intense orgasms

  • A minimally invasive treatment that exceeds expectations

  • A fast, virtually painless procedure with no downtime

  • Improvements to incontinence concerns 

  • Resuming sexual activity within a few weeks of treatment

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