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aka the O Shot using PRP

The Oh-Shot at Skin Worthy Toronto is a nonsurgical and comfortable injection using your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that can increase sexual arousal and improve your overall vaginal health. Areas injected with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) have a high concentration of Stem cells, growth factors and other active ingredients that promote natural healing, repair and tissue regeneration. Oh-Shot recipients report having increased arousal, more lubrication, and intensified orgasms.

Additional Benefits of the Oh-Shot Are:

  • Stimulates tissues in the area(s) treated and improves texture of the skin

  • Increased ability to have orgasms

  • Increases lubrication

  • Decreased pain during intercourse (known as dyspareunia)

  • A more elastic canal (if felt to be too tight prior, usually after menopause)

How It Works:

All Oh-Shot treatments are completed by Nurse Practitioner Cat. The Oh-Shot procedure begins with a blood draw via the arm. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge to separate PRP from the red blood cells. While the blood is spinning in the centrifuge, numbing agents are applied to the injection sites to ensure maximum comfort during your treatment. The PRP is then localized into the clitoris and anterior wall (G spot) to generate healthier vaginal tissue. 


PRP can also be injected into the labia majora to change the texture of your skin, making it firmer, tighter and more youthful. 


Results of the Oh-Shot vary from patient to patient. Numerous factors, including age, hormones, and other medical conditions that may influence the outcome. More than 50% of women perceive immediate improvements. Typically, it takes about three months to achieve the final results. Women may start to feel sensation changes in 3-7 days following the treatment, and new tissue will then develop about one week later. A series of 3 initial treatments is recommended for best results.

Results then last for approximately 14-18 months.

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