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Botox is well known for its use to reduce and minimize fine lines and wrinkles but it can also be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, as well as a method of scrotal rejuvenation. At Sin Worthy Toronto, we are happy to provide our patients with both of these treatments.


Studies have shown that men with ED who received a Botox injection demonstrated improvements in penile blood flow, allowing for stronger, longer, and longer-lasting erections. Botox can also be an effective treatment for men who complain of penile shrinkage. Penises that look small when flacid are often the result of the internal tissues of the penis retracting back into the pelvic cavity (often due to cold temperatures).


P-Tox consists of an injection into the smooth muscle layer of the skin, helping to paralyze the muscles responsible for the shrinkage reflex.


Alternatively, Scrotox is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that involves injecting Botox directly into the scrotum/testicles in order to:

  • Decrease sweating

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Appearance of a smoother and fuller sack

P-Tox and Scrotox treatments in clinic are all performed by Dr. Hemsworth.

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