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More-Gasms - The Types and Benefits of The Female Orgasm

In honour of National Orgasm Day on July 31st and International Women's Orgasm Day on August 8th, Sin Worthy Toronto, is celebrating by talking all things female orgasm - the types of orgasms, how to have more, and the many added benefits to having the "Big O".

Pick Your Pleasure

There are a variety of different ways a woman can have an orgasm and there is no right or better version. Simply put, great orgasms are based on the sensation of pleasure and the overall desire to have one. Some of the most commonly discussed types of orgasms include the following:

Clitoral orgasms' (due to the 10-12000 nerve endings in this area!) Approximately 36% of women need this type of stimulation to orgasm during sex.

Gzone orgasm occurs with penetrative sex when stimulation occurs to the front wall of vagina.

Vaginal orgasm occurs form penetrative intercourse without intentionally stimulating the clitoris/Gspot- this type of orgasm focuses on other erogenous zones such as the A spot-between the front vaginal wall and cervix

Nipple Orgasm: breasts and nipples are major erogenous zones and stimulation to this area can in fact result in powerful orgasms given the many nerve endings and sensitivity of this area.

Anal Orgasm: indirect stimulation of nearby erogenous regions such as the anus can stimulate sensitive nerve endings and help with pelvic floor muscles contractions leading to orgasm.

Blended Orgasm: climax occurring when more than one erogenous zone is being stimulated at the same time. Eg: Gzone and clitoris -the greater the stimulation the more pronounced the blood flow and the stronger the orgasm will be.

Multiple orgasms-can occur with repeated pelvic floor contractions which can help to move through to other orgasms without returning to a pre-arousal state.

The Many Benefits of the Female Orgasm

Given the variety of ways woman can experience pleasure, it makes sense that there are also a variety of other benefits that come with frequent orgasms. Some of our favourite include:

Decreased stress: this occurs due to the release of endorphins and flushes cortisol.

Increased Mood: studies show women who have at least one orgasm a week are happier

Regulated cycle: promotes estrogen levels to help regulate menstrual cycles

Easier to Conceive: released oxytocin which helps to retain sperm after intercourse

Induces Ovulation: studies show orgasms energize the hypothalamus and release reproductive hormones

Helps with Weight loss: studies show orgasms can help women lose weight

Improves sleep: release of prolactin aids in sleep quality

Provides Heart health benefits: links between orgasm and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

Improves Skin and immunity: weekly sex leads to glowing skin from a spike in DHEA levels and 20% boost in antibodies

Improves Life and relationships: 1-2 orgasms a week improves relationships through the release of oxytocin and lowers mortality risk by up to 50%

Here at Sin Worthy Toronto, we want to open up the conversation around sexual wellness and help you find ways to enhance your sexual experiences. We encourage you to book in for a consultation to learn more about some of the treatments we offer, including the Oh-Shot, using your own PRP and Plus 90.

Let these next few weeks be about exploring your orgasms (however you enjoy having them) and celebrating your pleasure!

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