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your sexual evolution

After years in medical aesthetics, the husband and wife, doctor and nurse team, of Dr. Cody Hemsworth and Barbara Hemsworth, RN began to recognize the role that our intimate life plays in our overall health status.  Similar to how we each perceive our physical appearance, our sexuality is part of a larger picture of wellness, that directly impacts our self worth, our human connections and our emotional and psychological health. 


The importance of an active and healthy sex life is often overlooked by our mainstream medical system.  Negative conditioning, personal shame and long standing stigmas around sexual health have prevented people from having valuable conversations and from seeking out assistance or treatments when it's been needed.  As medical practitioners and as a couple, they understand the need for these discussions.  Making it their mission to normalize the immense and holistic impact that sex has on our lives. 


How we approach and experience intimacy is constantly evolving.

Whether it be age, stress, illness, surgery, or childbirth, there are endless reasons why we may become detached from our sexuality.  At Sin Worthy we specialize in sexual health treatments providing sexual wellness in Toronto that can address these biological changes and to help you reconnect. With a variety of non surgical options, including rehabilitation and rejuvenation, we will navigate you through your own unique path to improve and enhance your sexual experience.


Make it a priority to re-discover your pleasure, passion, and power.

You are in control of your sexual evolution. 



At Sin Worthy - a Toronto Sexual Wellness Clinic, we are proud to offer the latest and most advanced procedures available. Browse our most popular services below


Using Platelet Rich Plasma (prp) "down there" to improve function with or without erectile dysfunction and boost your overall sex life.

If you're suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), our Botox injections may be able to help. Increase penile blood flow allowing for stronger, longer and longer-lasting erections. 

Penile girth augmentationn uses a natural occuring substance found in the body (hyaluronic acid) to improve the size (girth) of your penis.

Using Platelet Rich Plasma (prp) "down there" to improve function with or without erectile dysfunction and boost your overall sex life.

Restore vaginal and vulval apperance, while increasing sensation.

Tighten vaginal tissues
with the latest and
best device on the market



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