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PRP Partner Pleasure Patient Testimonials

Hey Toronto!

In honour of upcoming Valentine's Day and National Marriage Week, we thought we would highlight the benefits of PRP from real-life couples who have both received either the P-Shot or the Oh-Shot. This month we are doubling the pleasure and showing you how sexual wellness treatments can enhance far more than just your sex life.

Couple #1

His Experience: "I've noticed a remarkable improvement in intimacy with my wife, especially after discovering her G-spot. Previously, she found it challenging to achieve vaginal orgasms, but this has significantly changed, leading to more intense experiences since visiting Sin Worthy.

Additionally, since undergoing a series of Hard Shots, I've experienced noticeable changes in my physical response and stamina. After completing three sessions, not only has there been an increase in firmness, but also a reduced time in achieving an erection.

Overall, our sexual experiences have gone from good to Oh My God."

Her Experience: "The Oh-Shot has certainly made a noticeable difference in my sexual and arousal experience. Within the first week after treatment I notice so much more sensitivity, at times even in everyday tasks it could be slightly distracting. With sex, I have increased lubrication from the heightened arousal. My orgasms have never been so intense and strong . As a result my libido has increased as the sexual experience has definitely heightened to a level I’ve never experienced before. 

As for my partners PRP , I noticed changes in his erection that made sex much more enjoyable on my end also. We did this treatment together to both experience not only our own improvement , but the experience of our partners response to treatment. I notice his erections are a level of hardness I’ve never experienced before, with that I’ve noticed a greater fullness and different contact that his penis has in my gzone. I’ve noticed these changes in mim within 24 hours post treatment which was a little quicker than my own response ,which took around a week. I must say this has been a game changer in a very exciting way for our sex life."

Couple #2

"I've been going to Skinworthy for years for all of my beauty and body treatments. So when I heard of the Oh-Shot (and being in the early stages of menopause), it peaked my interest. I haven't really started experiencing visible or physical signs of menopause, but always wanting to be proactive and get ahead of things, I decided to give it a try.

After my initial treatment, I was discussing with my husband, and as a couple, we decided that we would go together the next time as a couple - with him trying the Hard Shot.  After the Oh-Shot I found that I definitely had increased sensitivity, and was able to notice those results almost immediately. The procedure itself was virtually painless and easy to do. My husband felt the same way about the Hard Shot. The numbing made the procedure easily tolerable and he felt very comfortable with Dr. Hemsworth from beginning to end." We are both excited to see how we feel and how this can enhance our relationship after a series of 3 treatments."

Couple #3

"After 19 years of marriage, my husband and I found ourselves at a point where the natural ebbs and flows of our sex life began to impact our connection. Determined to reignite the passion we once shared, we embarked on a journey together to explore sexual enhancement treatments at Sin Worthy. Little did we know that this decision would not only spice up our intimacy but also deepen our connection in ways we hadn't anticipated.

The decision to pursue sexual enhancement treatments was not made out of desperation but rather as a proactive step to enhance our intimate relationship. As we explored the various treatments available, we found ourselves fascinated by the wealth of knowledge that came with it. From understanding the intricacies of each procedure to uncovering the existence of the G Zone..iykyk, we were able to approach our intimate connection with newfound curiosity and enthusiasm. Learning together about our own anatomy created a sense of shared exploration that strengthened our bond.

One of the treatments I decided to try was the Oh-Shot, and the effects were nothing short of transformative. A few days after the procedure, I began to notice an increase in sensation. It wasn't just physical; it was a heightened awareness and connection to my own pleasure. This newfound sensitivity added a layer of excitement to our intimate moments.

Simultaneously, my husband experienced a significant confidence boost after undergoing the Thick Shot. Not only did he notice a substantial improvement in his ability to maintain a strong erection, but the newfound confidence also positively impacted our overall intimate experience. The combination of our enhanced sensations and his increased confidence led to a remarkable intensification of our shared orgasms.

Perhaps the most unexpected outcome of our joint venture into sexual enhancement treatments was the profound impact on our relationship outside the bedroom. Opening up about our desires, concerns, and experiences brought us closer together. The shared vulnerability created a deeper level of understanding and communication.  

Our decision to pursue sexual enhancement treatments at Sin Worthy has proven to be a pivotal moment in our marriage. Not only did it enhance our physical experiences, but it also revitalized our emotional connection. As partners for nearly two decades, we have discovered that embracing change together has the power to reignite passion, deepen understanding, and bring us even closer."

Pleasure is better experienced together. To book your consultation with Nurse Cat for the Oh-Shot or the Hard Shot with Dr. Hemsworth, call or text 647-350-7546 or click here.

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